Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spanking Teen Boy Ass


  1. ----Very nice looking Hiney I think he needs a session .Some with the Paddle and Strap His hide needs to be Tanned so that his behind changes it's colors to Red @ Blue Some Blisters@ welts would be good too In addition Athough he is stretched out he looks to relaxed so a good whipping is in order

    1. anonymous-- I agree with the above statement so lets get it done

  2. Anonymous --Good looking Ass-Appears to be in good position for a good Hiding.I say let's not waste anytime Bring on the Strap and let's give say young man a Hiding he won't forget .I recommend a session of with the Strap for about 15 mins--that should help turn his Hide sme different colors. And bring about a very soreHiney one that will make sitting and walking diffcult at it's best.

  3. whatever happened to the video? its no longer able to view?